dijous, 18 d’abril del 2013

Year 6 Coral of the British School at the PIT

The students of the Coral class of Year 6 visited us today at the Parc Infantil de Trànsit (our traffic circuit for children).

For a start, we talked about traffic signs: kinds, shapes, colors, meanings. Then, we gave them traffic signals to put them in the right places around the circuit.

Once the circuit was completed, grouped them in pairs: one biker and one examiner. One did the first practice riding along the circuit, respecting the signals and the other bikers, and the other one examined how his/her partner was doing the practice.

Later, they changed roles. We took a break after the practice and then they did the ‘exam’ (the same practice than before, but with scores).

At the end of the morning, the children received their certificates.

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